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High-performance photo and video backup solution

Alex Tran

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About this app

An open-source and high-performance self-hosted backup solution for the videos and photos on your mobile device ⚠️ Immich is under very active development. Expect bugs and changes. Do not use it as the only way to store your photos and videos! Features: - Upload and view videos and photos - Auto backup when the app is opened - Selective album(s) for backup - Download photos and videos to a local device - Multi-user support - Album and Shared albums - Scrubbable/draggable scrollbar - Support RAW (HEIC, HEIF, DNG, Apple ProRaw) - Metadata view (EXIF, map) - Search by metadata, objects and image tags - Administrative functions (user management) - Background backup - Virtual scroll - OAuth support - LivePhoto backup and playback - User-defined storage structure

What's newVersion v1.108.0

⚠️ As usual, please check that your mobile app is compatible with this release of Immich. 🚨 This release includes a security update for Node.js. While we don't think these CVEs affect Immich, we strongly recommend you update. For more details, see https://nodejs.org/en/blog/vulnerability/july-2024-security-releases. Welcome to release `v1.108.0` of Immich. This release focuses on bug fixes and improvements across the app. We added a fun section of things we learned when working on Immich. You can take a look here at the [Cursed Knowledge](https://immich.app/cursed-knowledge) page. Some of the highlights in this release include: - Notable fix: Use Redis for Websocket state tracking to allow HDD to spin down when inactive - Using queue to improve CLI processing Full release notes are found at https://github.com/immich-app/immich/releases