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Browse YouTube without tracking or ads


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About this app

An open source alternative front-end to YouTube User Features: - Lightweight - No ads - No tracking - No JavaScript required - Light/Dark themes - Customizable homepage - Subscriptions independent from Google - Notifications for all subscribed channels - Audio-only mode (with background play on mobile) - Support for Reddit comments - Available in many languages, thanks to our translators Data Import/Export: - Import subscriptions from YouTube, NewPipe and Freetube - Import watch history from NewPipe - Export subscriptions to NewPipe and Freetube - Import/Export Invidious user data Technical features: - Embedded video support - Developer API - Does not use official YouTube APIs - No Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

What's newVersion 2024.4.26-eda7444

- Workaround used to fetch streaming URLs (see https://github.com/iv-org/invidious/issues/4584)

  • Version2024.4.26-eda7444
  • CategorySocial
  • Source codePublic
  • Developed byIV-Org
  • Submitted byJasper
  • Compatible withumbrelOS 0.5 or later