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The OS for your personal finances


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About this app

Maybe is a fully (your finances are secure) open-source OS for your personal finances built by a small team alongside an incredible community. This is an early access release of Maybe that is only available to those who self-host. Maybe is under active development and is still working towards a stable release with a full feature set. 🛠️ MULTI-CURRENCY SUPPORT Most currently available features will work out of the box. However, Maybe requires a Synth API key if you would like to use multi-currency support. 1. Sign up for a Synth API key at https://synthfinance.com/ 2. Add your Synth API key to the .env file at ~/umbrel/app-data/maybe/.env

What's newVersion v0.1.0-alpha.9

Improvements in this release: - Fixed decimal display for Euro currencies. - Ability to edit transaction types and amounts. - Fixed transactions being duplicated during import. - Improved balance consistency after entering transactions. - Improved account sychronization with one click. - Enhanced button design for a more unified look. - Improved account settings and transaction updates. - Fixed several bugs to make the app run smoother. - Toast notifications can now be closed on demand. Full release notes available at https://github.com/maybe-finance/maybe/releases/tag/v0.1.0-alpha.9