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Design and prototyping platform


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About this app

Penpot is a pioneering open-source platform for design and prototyping, tailored specifically for product teams. Unconstrained by operating systems, Penpot utilizes the flexibility of web-based platforms and the interoperability of open standards, specifically SVG. Penpot invites designers all over the world to fall in love with open source while getting developers excited about the design process in return.

What's newVersion 2.0.1

⚠️ This is a major update of Penpot. The app may take a few minutes to start after updating. Please be patient. 🚀 Epics and highlights - Grid CSS layout - UI redesign - New components System - Swap components - Images as fill - HTML code generation - Light and dark themes 💥 Breaking changes & Deprecations - New strokes default to inside border Read the full release notes for additional information and detailed changes at https://github.com/penpot/penpot/releases/tag/2.0.0