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~mopfel-winrux & ~sitful-hatred

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About this app

Urbit is a personal server for self-sovereign personal & networked computing. Nock, a functional combinator, is built into Hoon, a system programming language, used to implement Arvo, a deterministic operating system, that communicates over Ames, a decentralized, encrypted P2P network. This app helps you boot and manage Urbit instances on your Umbrel. It provides a simple management GUI, start and stop operations, and passes your +code through the interface. If you are interested in purchasing an L2 planet checkout: subject.network/buy Credit to ~timluc-miptev, ~master-forwex, ~sipsen-pilser & ~rivpyl-sidfyl

What's newVersion v2.12

vere-v2.12 declares compatibility with the upcoming 412k urbit-os release. It includes support for the lick vane, modifications to galaxy packet forwarding and a bugfix to the %khan driver. Full release notes here: https://github.com/urbit/vere/releases/tag/vere-v2.12