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Core Lightning

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About this app

Get started with the Lightning network today with Core Lightning - a Lightning Network implementation focusing on spec compliance and performance. The Lightning Network allows ultra cheap and almost instant Bitcoin transactions. By running a Lightning node, you can not only self-custody your Bitcoin on Lightning, but also earn sats by routing payments on the network. Core Lightning and Application powered by Blockstream.

What's newVersion 23.08-hotfix-1

This hotfix update resolves an issue that was preventing the Core Lightning app from operating on test networks such as testnet. No additional changes are included in this release. The release notes from 23.08 are included here for completeness. cln-application v0.0.4 (user interface): - bug fix by filtering lnmessage's pubkey from peers list - added support for more fiat currencies Full cln-application release notes are available at https://github.com/ElementsProject/cln-application/releases/tag/v0.0.4 c-lightning-REST v0.10.5: - plugin.js renamed to clrest.js (required for reckless plugin manager) - allow an option to specify an IP address to bind with the server - bug fix for error on generating new certificates - bug fix for websocket notifications - setchannelfee rpc has been replaced by setchannel (no impact to the developers as REST API signature remains unchanged) - fixed the issue of server failing to initialize if IPV6 is disabled - pay api updated with the latest params - the msat purge - new API endpoint for listpeerchannels rpc - issue in the remote balance calculation fixed - issue in the pending balance calculation fixed - version compatibility check to address BTCPayserver forked version - all available filtering options (invoice, payment hash & offer) for listInvoices api - all CLN filtering options (payment hash & status) for listPays and listPayments apis Full c-lightning-REST release notes are available at https://github.com/Ride-The-Lightning/c-lightning-REST/releases lightningd v23.08: - NEW experimental feature: peer storage - back up your encrypted emergency channel backup with your peers - access a remote node with a cli flag: lightning-cli --commando=peerid:rune - migrate all wrapped segwit UTXOs to native segwit with upgradewallet RPC. - large nodes are more performant. - pay requiring a full description (not just a hash) has been pushed back, since it broke BTCPayServer and lnbits. It's still deprecated, and we will work with them to try to achieve this. - documentation now available for Offers invoicerequest, disableinvoicerequest and listinvoicerequest commands. - NEW commando-blacklist and commando-listrunes RPCs for blacklisting and listing stored runes. - NEW feerates added 2 new options as "minimum" and NN"blocks". Use explicit block counts or slow/normal/urgent/minimum. - listclosedchannels RPC to show old, dead channels. - reckless added support for node.js plugin installation and for networks beyond bitcoin and regtest. - spending unilateral close transactions now use dynamic fees based on deadlines (and RBF), instead of fixed fees. Full lightningd release notes are available at https://github.com/ElementsProject/lightning/releases