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Multi-user wallet management system


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About this app

LNbits is a simple multi-user and account system for Lightning Network that can be used for creating separate Lightning wallets for friends and family members. You can also create multiple accounts for yourself to mitigate the risk of exposing applications to your full balance via unique API keys for each wallet. LNbits is packaged with tools to help manage funds, such as a table of transactions, line chart of spending, export to CSV, and more to come. It provides an extendable platform for expanding Lightning Network functionality via LNbits extension framework, and can also be used as a fallback wallet for the LNURL scheme. šŸ”§ Extension Management Follow these steps to install extensions: 1. Copy your unique LNbits password from the LNbits' app store page on your Umbrel: 'umbrel.local/app-store/lnbits'. 2. Access the Super Admin page of LNbits at 'umbrel.local:3007/uuidv4/<your-lnbits-password>'. Replace '<your-lnbits-password>' with the password you copied before. 3. You can now install and uninstall extensions from this page.

What's newVersion 0.11.1

This release introduces the LNbits node manager which allows you to manage your Lightning channels directly from within your LNbits. The node manager works with Core Lightning and LND and we plan to add support for more Lightning backends soon. You can activate the node manager in your LNbits admin panel, which will allow you to: - Manage your Lightning channels directly from within your LNbits. - View the transaction history on your node to see a list of all incoming and outgoing payments - Share a public node page with others who want to open a channel to your node. We have upgraded the API framework that we use in LNbits. That means that most extensions need to be update to work with this release. Please log in as an admin user and update your extensions to the latest version after upgrading your LNbits. šŸ“„ Full Release Notes and detailed information is available at: https://github.com/lnbits/lnbits/releases