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About this app

Snort is a client for Nostr that is built using React, designed to be fast and lightweight while still offering a wide range of features. Our focus is on providing users with an easy-to-use interface to interact with the Nostr network, making it accessible to all types of users. With its clean and intuitive design, Snort makes it simple to navigate the Nostr network and access its features, allowing users to efficiently manage their data.

What's newVersion v0.1.19

## Added - Timeline cache: faster page loads and much lower data usage - WASM module: Some code moved to Rust WASM module for faster execution - Zap Splits: NIP-57.G - New Languages: Finnish, Dutch, and Portuguese Brazilian - User status on profile pages (Music only [NIP-38]) - Following mark on avatars, if you follow the pubkey you will see a green tick on their avatar - Pin encryption, encrypted private key storage for nsec login - Pubkey (readonly) logins hide buttons which cannot be used (reactions, reply, save profiles, dms etc) - Muted words feature (phase 1) - NIP-28 public chats - Highlight search results on search page ## Changed - Count polls by pubkey - Styles changes for Content warnings - Live stream embed styles - Cashu token embed styles - Snort Deck thread navigation in modal from timeline - PoW miner moved to WASM module for faster hashing ## Fixed - Profile link to dms - Long form content loading and replies - Search function restored - Copy to clipboard fixed for insecure context https://git.v0l.io/Kieran/snort/compare/v0.1.13...v0.1.19

  • Versionv0.1.19
  • CategorySocial
  • Source codePublic
  • Developed bySnort
  • Submitted bySnort
  • Compatible withumbrelOS 0.5 or later